It took me a long time to get this thing off the ground. Family and friends have been waiting, with baited breath of what’s to come. The idea of blogging still scares me. Will I have enough to talk about. Will I keep readers entertained and coming back for more…?

I have never considered myself to be a writer so it’s going to be a learning curve for me. The idea will be to conquer my insecurities along the way and grow as I do.


I have been keen to get going for a while now but I did not know what I wanted to write about in my introduction post. Warren Goldswain said I should start by introducing myself and letting you know what I will be blogging about. Simple start, but certainly a necessary beginning.


With my design completed and the help of my trusty web developer Tyron Love to code it, I am finally coming alive on the web along with millions of others who want to be heard.


My intention with this blog is to share my experiences in photography and graphic design. With a few personal stories and some links to amazing inspiration and free resources added to the mix.


There are so many things that inspire me that I hope to share with you, but I won’t giving them all away at once. Keep visiting to find out more. I would love feedback from you as my journey progresses!


Images of me courtesy of Geoff Goldswain & Warren Goldswain.